How to upgrade the coprocessor's firmware of UNITY HSBY 140 CPU 67160?



To upgrade the copro firmware of the 140CPU67160 (using OSLoader), you need to use the fibre optic MTRJ port and switch which as fibre optic and electrical RJ45 ports (such as the 490 NOC 000 05 cable and 499 NOS 171 00 switch).

There are no other method available at this moment.

Other related information
To upgrade the firmware of UNITY Quantum CPUs (using OSLoader), you can either use one of the following way:
- Modbus (with address 1 only)
- Modbus plus (with address 1 only)

To upgrade the copro firmware of HE 140CPU65150 and 140CPU65160 (using OSLoader, you need to use the ethernet coneection via FTP.

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