Is there a USB to Serial Converter that works with the Motion Software?



Goals and Symptoms

The purpose of this resolution is to inform the users of two USB to Serial converters that have been tested and approved for use with the different Software used in Motion Control.

Facts and Changes

Please refer to GoldX and Blackbox for detailed specifications on the USB to Serial converter models.

Causes and Fixes

Many new model laptops are equipped with only USB ports and do not come with any native serial port. Hence the need for using USB to Serial converters for connectivity purposes.
Two different models of USB to Serial converters have been tested and found to work well with the below listed Motion software.

1. GoldX Model GMXU # 1200
2. Blackbox model IC138A-R2

  • We recommend using the drivers provided by the manufacturer and not the drivers that come with the operating system.
  • From the Control Panel-> Device Manager setting for the USB-Serial converter, select any of the available COM ports 1 through 4.
  • For MMFTools on Win XP, only COM1 setting works.
  • Anything other than the above do not work.
  • The Schneider recommended cable still needs to be used between the USB- converter and the Motion controller/drive using the respective software.

Operating System tested: Windows 2000, Win XP - Professional Edition.

Software tested:

1. MMFTools
2. Twin Line Commissioning Tool
3. Modicon Motion Development Software (MMDS)
4. Unlink Software

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