Using Logging on the 174CEV20030 V2 and higher



Goals and Symptoms

The purpose of this document is to describe what options are available to log activity on the 174CEV20030

Facts and Changes

To use the logging features of the !74CEV20030 you need to have a keyboard and monitor connected to the Briidge.
Note: Turning logging will affect the performance of the bridge so be careful in using it. It is good to use for troubleshooting but should not be left on for normal operations.

Causes and Fixes

The bridges enables and disables logging by entering specific keys on the keyboard. An uppercase character will turn logging on and the same lowercase character will turn it off.
A. Ethernet generated ModbusTCP packeta and direction of travel and session number
B. Modbus Plus Generated Modbus packets and direction of travel and path number
G. Routine messages showing internal Bridge activity for Modbus Plus generated messages
H. Path information used in Bridge
N. System timing tick
O. Routine messages showing internal Bridge activity for Ethernet generated messages
P. Internal bridge errors

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