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What replaces the 110CPU31101 controller?



The closest functional replacement for the 110CPU31101 is the 110CPU51201. There are several differences to consider between these units:

  • Both units have the same basic I/O; however the 110CPU51201 offers 2 additional 24 VDC high speed inputs
  • The 110CPU51201 has an onboard 24 VDC power supply (for the additional 2 24VDC inputs) whereas the 110CPU31101 does not have this feature
  • The 110CPU31101 utilizes a 8MHz CPU , whereas the 110CPU51201 utilizes a 16 MHz CPU, so throughput is faster with the 110CPU51201.
  • The 110CPU31101 has 512 words of data memory and 1024 words of program memory whereas the 110CPU51201 has 2048 words of data memory and 2048 words of program memory
  • The 110CPU51201 has a enhanced instruction set that also includes PID II and floating point math
  • The 110CPU51201 has two Modbus slave ports (whereas the 110CPU31101 only has one)
The program's configuration will need to be changed to reflect the new hardware installation.