Why does my Panelmate Plus keypad unit display "Recovery Mode"?



When the Panelmate Plus keypad unit starts up in "Recovery Mode", the message is informing you that the "Executive Firmware" is corrupted and needs to be reloaded. The Panelmate may also be locked in a way that it will always boot up into "Recovery Mode" and you cannot get to the "Offline/Serial Transfer" mode using the normal method. If this occurs, the table below describes the steps that you need to take to get the Panelmate Plus unit back into "Transfer" mode.
· If the unit is a Panelmate Plus 2000, 3000, 4000 or 5000 and the procedure below fails to fix the problem, you will have to download the "Executive Firmware" to the Panelmate Plus unit with the electronics module disconnected from the unit. Reference the appropriate section in the "Modicon Panelmate Plus Hardware Installation Guide" for instructions (see the section titled "Install in an Enclosure") on how to remove and re-attach the electronic module.

Hold down control buttons 1 and 2 (counting from the top down) while simultaneously cycling power on the electronics module (i.e., power switch off and back on again). Continue to hold the control buttons until you see the blue offline selection menu.

At this point, you may place the unit in Transfer mode and download the "Executive Firmware" to it.