Can I export the ProWORX 32 documentation to a spreadsheet?



Yes, there are three ways to export the ProWORX 32 documentation to a spreadsheet.
1- Microsoft Excel (*.xls).....Documentation is exported directly into an MS Excel Workbook. Each address type is displayed on a separate MS Excel Worksheet. When importing documentation, ProWORX 32 expects these sheets to be in the same order with the same name.
2- Spreadsheet Data Interchange Format (*.dif).....ProWORX 32 creates standard .DIF files. Most spreadsheet programs can import this format without difficulty. However, you must take special care when transferring data to and from Microsoft Excel in .DIF files.
3- dBaseIV Database (*.dbf).....ProWORX 32 creates standard .DBF files for use with Ashton-Tates data management program dBaseIV. Most other data management and spreadsheet programs (including Microsoft Excel) can read this format without difficulty.

Here's a screen shot example of exporting in Spreadsheet DIF format: