140NOE77100 Version 3.3 exec upgrade



Goals and Symptoms

Version 3.3 has incorporated 6 changes in the firmware to improve the operations of the NOE.

Facts and Changes

1.A new and improved Timeout and Retry Transmission algorithm has been added to the I/Oscanner client. If the connection to a device is disturbed, the retransmission requests are now sent
to the device with adaptive timing and instead of with fixed timing.
2. An error was corrected in the calculation of the Keep alive checksum.
3. Change server retransmission retry time from 1.2 seconds to .5msec
4 . Priority of the IPconfig task was increased from 100 to 35. This allows the gateway to be configured before the NOE can accept requests from other devices.
5. The I/O scanner now support routers. This allows I/O scanning over different network domains that are linked by a network router (maximum TTL of 10).
6. Changed Modbus server to implement a fast retransmission algorithm

Causes and Fixes

This upgrade can be downloaded directly to v3.0 units. Modules with lower versions must be upgraded to V3.0 before going to V3.3


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