GMRP starts correctly in V5.2 of 499NxS Switches



Goals and Symptoms

This resolution describes the issues found in the V5.0 firmware of the Connexium Managed switches when used with GMRP under heavy traffic.

Facts and Changes

When a switch was started with heavy traffic on the network the GMRP service in the switch did not always start. This caused a problem because the switch would not join the multicast group.By not starting the GMRP service and not being included in the multicast group defined by the PLC's on the network no multicast filtering was taking place on the network. This led to the mulicast packets used in Global Data being sent through all the switch ports and flooding the network. The extremely high load on the network then caused network problems.

Causes and Fixes

The V5.2 firmware for the switches corrected the GMRP issues and allows the service to correctly start. This software can be downloaded from our website.