Can EFB toolkit libraries written with Concept EFB toolkit 2.5 SR1/SR2 be used with Concept 2.6?



Yes, it is not necessary to convert EFB libraries from Concept 2.5 SR1/SR2 to Concept 2.6. There was no database change between these versions.
If you have created and used an EFB library with Concept 2.5 SR1/SR2 and want to continue with Concept V2.6 SR1 you should typically procceed as follows:

Note that Concept 2.6 SR1 should be in a different folder than Version 2.5.

Copy the EFB Library folder from the Concept V2.5\LIB folder into the Concept V2.6\LIB folder.
Important: Delete the ~Aitmp files in the Concept V2.6\LIB folder .

You should now able to use the EFB library created with Concept V2.5 directly with Concept V2.6 SR1.

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