What is the replacement for the Compact Discrete Output Module AS-BDAP-216?



The AS-BDAP-216 module has been enhanced. The enhancements have resulted in the AS-BDAP-216 being replaced and superseded by the AS-BDAP216N. Here are some of the AS-BDAP-216N enhancements:
1. The manual reset button on the AS-BDAP-216 has been replaced by a solid state retry on a shorted output in the AS-BDAP216N.
2. The AS-BDAP-216N module restarts field devices automatically when the output is set ON in the User Logic and the detected field over current condition is removed.
3. The AS-BDAP216N can now be used with the full 0.5A per point for 4A per Group and 8A per Module.
4. The input impedance of the electronic circuitry that handles the 24 VDC power for the outputs has been lowered in the AS-BDAP216N to accommodate longer runs of the power supply cable.

*** Note: For availability check with the Service Sales group. The Service Sales group can be reached at "service.sales@schneider-electric.com". ***

*** Note: The Compact line has been obsoleted and has been replaced with the M340 product family.