Timeout behavior of 140 DDO 364 00



Goals and Symptoms

The purpose of this resolution is to inform the user about an unexpected Timeout behavior of the Quantum Output module 140 DDO 364 00.

Facts and Changes

Quantum Output modules default in case of Timeout of communication to a PLC in general is Set to Zero.
Due to an incorrect default parameter of the 140 DDO 364 00, the Timeout behavior is Hold Last Value.

Affected Concept versions: Concept 2.2
Concept 2.5SR1
Concept 2.5SR2
Concept 2.6SR1

To change the Timeout behavior, the user has to open the Module Parameter screen and has to leave it by the OK button. To leave it by the Cancel button will not change the Timeout behavior.

Causes and Fixes

The Timeout default will be corrected with Concept 2.6SR2

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