What causes a '-201' PLC out of memory' error in Concept?



A -201 PLC out of Memory may be due to memory fragmentation.

- Adjust the global data size. A Memory Prediction should tell the user what percentage of
the Global data size configured is actually used. This number may be decreased (found in PLC Configuration).
Memory prediction will also indicate how much of the allocated memory has been used.
This may indicate that a larger PLC is needed.
- Increase heap size in the PLC configuration. If no 984LL is used, the heap size may be pushed to the maximum.
- Optimize the project.
- Perform a complete download it has not been done recently.
- Optimize the usage of coils and contacts both in range and usage.
- Adjust program data area
- Delete unused variables in Variable editor.
- You may have to choose a larger PLC.

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