Is there a way to configure ProWORX NxT to open a particular database when the software is launched?



Open particular database at software launch

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ProWORX NxT can open a particular database when the software is launched.

Create a shortcut on your desktop that opens ProWORX NxT. You need to locate the path that leads to the
NxT.exe application file that launches ProWorx NxT.
Example C:\Proworx\Nxt\Nxt.exe

Once you've created the shortcut, open the Properties. Click on the Shortcut Tab. In the Target location box,
enter the path of the database you want to launch. Enter this information after Nxt.exe.
Example C:\Proworx\Nxt\Nxt.exe C:\Proworx\Nxt\database1

You also need to enter the location in the database you want to open.
Example - C:\Proworx\Nxt\Nxt.exe C:\Proworx\Nxt\database1 Network0001203
This will open database1 at location Network 1, Row 2, Column 3. The first 4 digits represent the Network
number. The fifth digit represents the Row number. Digits 6 & 7 represent the Column number.

Note: The path name is case sensitive so when entering the word NETWORK,
it must be entered as….Network….or else the shortcut will not work.