How to link variables from RSLogix 5000 V.17 L5K Files in Vijeo-Designer



Goals and Symptoms

A new feature in Vijeo Designer 5.0 enables symbol import from Rockwells L5K file format. This feature works well for L5K files generated by RSLogix v.13 through v.16. The most recent version (v.17) presents some problems however.
Vijeo Designer sometimes cannot parse L5K files for projects that use the Add-On Instructions feature new to v.17. If a user tries to link to this L5K file, Vijeo Designer will display the error message "Failed to open the symbol file" and will not list any tags.

Causes and Fixes

There is a partial workaround for this problem: The user can delete the add-on instructions from the RSLogix project and save it to a new L5K file. Vijeo Designer would then be able to parse this file.

This process may not always be straightforward though. Add-on instructions cannot be deleted if they are referenced elsewhere in the project. It is necessary to find and delete all cross references before deleting the actual add-on instruction. Once the add-on instructions are removed, the project can be saved to an L5K file. Vijeo Designer will be able link the L5K file to a suitable Allen-Bradley native addressing EQUIPMENT and import the remaining tags.

This strategy is not a complete solution because it does not allow Vijeo Designer users to import tags defined inside add-on instructions. However, it can still save time if there are many other tags that need to be imported.

Please refer to the attaches document to see screenshots of this solution.