Restriction on printers and Vijeo Designer




How do we determine which printers would work with Vijeo Designer Runtime?

Product Line:
Vijeo Designer 4.7

In Vijeo Designer, there are 4 types of printer languages supported:

Epson ESC/P
Text (ASCII)

Current Epson printers on the market support different variants of the Epson ESC/P printer language:
Epson ESC/P
Epson ESC/P Raster
Epson ESC/P2

Vijeo Designer only supports the Epson ESC/P printer language. Therefore, it does not support the Epson ESC/P Raster and ESC/P2 printer languages. Due to the fact that these printer languages are proprietary to Epson and are not standard, there is no plan for Vijeo Designer to support these printer languages in the future. Furthermore, some Epson printers that officially support the Epson ESC/P printer language actually use an undocumented variant of this language that may not be standard and therefore may not work properly with Vijeo Designer.

However, Vijeo Designer supports the HP PCL3 and HP PCL5 printer languages. They were created by HP but they are now standard and many printers on the market (from HP or other brands) support these printer languages.

Therefore, if you encounter Vijeo Designer printing issues with an Epson printer due to these printer language variations, it is recommended to switch to a different printer (from HP or a different brand) that supports HP PCL3 or HP PCL5 printer languages. For a list of such tested printers that work with Vijeo Designer.