How to sync a Unity PAC to the Magelis Time of Day (TOD) clock using the dialog table.



Goals and Symptoms

The purpose of this resolution is to synchronize a Unity based processor to the Magelis TOD clock using the dialog table.

Causes and Fixes

Synchronize the M340 clock to the Magelis TOD clock:
In the Modbus EQUIPMENT of the IO Manager(1), you will see 'Dialog table'. Select the ellipsis(2) to open the Dialog Table settings window. Check the box(3) to enable the dialog table then input a memory word address into the Start Address field(4). The address used here should be an available address in the PAC that is not used in logic. Select the Add button(5) and scroll to the 5th function called Set PLC clock, then select OK(6). Keep in mind that the Set PLC clock takes up 4 words. In the example below, %MW100 is entered which means it will allocate %MW100-103.

In Unity, create a variable and declare the variable Type as DT. For the address assign the address that you 
allocated in the Vijeo Designer dialog table. In the example below, it is set for %MW100 which matches the dialog table.

Create a FBD section in Unity. In the FBD section add the function block WRTC_DT. Assign the variable that you created to the IN pin . See below example.