How can I synchronize the clock between a M340 PLC and a Magelis HMI? Program must read the real time clock from the PLC and automatically set the clock on the Magelis Panel.



Syncing Magelis TOD Clock from M340 PLC.

Product Line
Modicon M340

In the Vijeo Designer Project:
1.  In the IO Manager section of your Vijeo Designer project, select the Modbus EQUIPMENT that you wish to sync your time from. 
2.  You will see the Dialog table in the Property Inspector.  Select the elipse to open the Dialog Table Settings window.
3.  You will need to check the box in the top left corner to enable the dialog table.  
4.  Then input a memory word address into the Start Address field. The memory word address should be the address in Unity processor that is not used in logic.
5.  Select the Add button.
6.  Scroll to the 33rd function called Set terminal clock.  Keep in mind that the Set PLC clock takes up 4 words.
7.  Change the Time format for the Terminal to BCD.
8.  Then select OK
In the example below, I am inputting %MW100 which means it will allocate %MW100-103.

In the Unity Pro Project:
1.  Create a variable, name it what you like, and select "DT" as the Type. 
2.  Use the same address that you called out in Vijeo Designer.
3.  Create or add to a FBD section.  Place a block called "RRTC_DT"
4. Connect the variable that you created to the out pin.

Build and download both projects and you will find that the time on the Magelis now reflects the time on the M340.