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What caused Vijeo-Designer Web Gate error: "Application Has Halted, An invalid RAM section was found in the image file, IVM : loadimage.cpp : line 747..."



This error usually caused by Kaspersky Internet Security software. Kaspersky is stripping the image files from the Magelis. To resolve the issue, Kaspersky 

needs to be disabled and Web Gate cache files deleted. 

Below are the paths to the cache files. Please delete all the files/folders under the following path:

For XP Pro:

C:\Documents and Settings\<login name>\Application Data\Vijeo-Runtime\Targets\


For Vista and 7



Once you have deleted, launch Internet Explorer and connect to Web Gate.

Legacy KB System (APS) Data: RESL210688 V1.0, Originally authored by GeMc on 02/16/2013, Last Edited by GeMc on 02/16/2013
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