How do I connect any XBTGT2000 and above series to a MicroLogix 1000 via DF1 protocol?



You will need the XBTZ9731 cable, the XBTZG999 adapter and a 9/25 pin converter (female to female).
The MiniDin connector of the XBTZ9731 cable connects to the MicroLogix PLC. The DB25 side of the XBTZ9731 connects to the XBTZG999 adapter. The 9/25 converter is used to connect the XBTZG999 adapter to the DB9 COM1 of the HMI.

Another alternative is to use the XBTZ9731cable with the XBTGT919 adapter.

Legacy KB System (APS) Data: RESL180102 V1.0, Originally authored by GeMc on 10/17/2006, Last Edited by GeMc on 10/17/2006
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