ATV31 - ATV71 overvoltage threshold OSF.



Issue:   ATV31 - ATV71 overvoltage threshold OSF.
Product Line:   ATV31 ATV71
Environment:  ATV71***N4 ATV31***N4
Cause:   Overvoltage threshold
Description: Line voltage too high
OSF : overvoltage when the drive is not running
OSF Fault cannot be automatically reset. The cause of the fault must be corrected before resetting by cycling the power:

ATV71 OSF Thresholds:
200V Range 400V range
OSF high 269Vac 535Vac
OSF low 265Vac 530Vac

ATV31 OSF Thresholds:
200V Range 400V range 500V range
OSF high 283Vac 594Va 707Vac
OSF low 268Vac 560Vac 670Vac

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