What is the Modbus cycle time on the ATV31 and ATV71?



Issue:   ATV31 and ATV71, I would like to know the cycle time of ATV31 and 71 that can respond to next new Modbus request.
Product Line:   ATV31 ATv71
Environment:  All using Modbus
Cause:   Modbus cycle time
This answer time depends on the baud rate and the number of words transmitted.

For ATV31, for reading 1 word, it is necessary to count 15 to 20 ms between the end of the question and the start of the answer. It is necessary to add the moving time of the information which depends on the baud rate. For a speed of 19200 bauds, this moving time is about 33 ms.
For reading 25 words, we can count 28 to 33 ms and add the moving time.

Regarding ATV71, it is about 30 ms for an answer of reading 1 word with a baud rate of 19200.
Pay attention because it is an empirical measure which we made with a soft of test modbus.If you add 1 or 2 option boards, this time will increase.
The important is to know that this time is lower than 100 ms.

If you need a more precise answer delay, it's better to use another protocol of communication like Ethernet for example.