What is a Centurion MJR recloser?



Customer would like to know what the Centurion MJR recloser is

Product Line
Siemens Recloser 

Technical Support

The Centurion MJR recloser is a Siemens recloser. Siemens no longer offers support for this device. We are able to provide some support for the Centurion MJR recloser.

The Centurion MJR is a close equivalent to the PTCC controllers which are obsolete. WSOS4 and WSOS5 may read the files from these devices. However, the main software for reading these files is Centurion System Software (CSS). This is useful if the customer is retrofitting a new ADVC controller.

The parts are not a direct fit from the PTCC to the Centurion. For instance a CAPM4 may be replaced with a CAPM5 but Siemens has a different firmware loaded into the devices and it will not communicate to the OCPX (display module), an error will be displayed on the screen.