Default password settings and recommendations for the Px4x MiCOM Relays



Setting passwords for the Px4x MiCOM relays and recommendations.

Product Line  
MiCOM Px4x

MiCOM S1 Studio and front panel

Security settings to keep your settings secure.

The password control setting under System Data > Password Control from Front HMI is set to "2" by factory default.
This means that by default Level 2 access is granted to all users and no password is necessary to modify settings, CB control, resets, etc.....
One recommendation is that the password control is modified to "0". This means that by default level access is 0 and only read access is granted to all users unless a password is entered to modify access level to 1 or 2.  
If the password is entered, the user will not have to enter the password again for 15 minutes.  At the end of 15 minutes the access control will go back to the programmed password control.
With level access at 0, only read permission is granted. With level access set to 1, some write permission is granted. With level access set to 2, all write permission is granted.
The current access level can be monitored under System Data > Access Level.  

By default the S1 Studio Password Control is set to  "2" so read/write permissions is given to all operators without the need of a password.
To modify this you need to right click the device in S1 Studio and select "Supervise".
See screen cap:

Select "Password Control Level". In the "Control level" drop down menu select "0" and then hit change. See screen cap:

The next time someone tries to send a modified file to the device S1 Studio will prompt for the Level 1 or Level 2 password.
You may need to re-open S1 Studio to see this change. See screen cap:

This modification to the Password Control Level only effects the port that you are communicating on: Front (Courier) or Rear (DNP3, etc..)
This change will not affect the Password Control Levels of the front HMI. That can only be modified from the Front HMI.