MiCOM S1 Studio - Getting Started Guide



MiCOM S1 Studio - Getting Started Guide

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Product Line
MiCOM relays

Easergy Studio (MiCOM S1 Studio)

MiCOM S1 Studio - Getting Started Guide provides a user-friendly, simple approach to learning the basics of using Easergy Studio (MiCOM S1 Studio). Some features include:

  • Create a New System
  • Open an Existing System
  • Export a system
  • Import a System
  • Copy/Paste an Element
  • Delete an Element
  • Move an Element
  • Add a Device
  • Add a Substation, Voltage Level, or Bay
  • Quick Default Settings File Guide
  • Open a Settings File
  • Send Settings to a Device
  • Compare Settings Files
  • Quick Access Control Guide
  • Quick Connection Guide
  • Use Predefined Connections
  • Make a Default Connection


This document does not provide details on how to retrieve Data Models using the Data Model Manager. For that, refer to the following Knowledge Base articles:
FA221295How to add a Data Model to MiCom S1 Studio
FA180060How to export data models for Micom relays
FA221298How to Import a Data Model

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