Sepam 60 and 80 series upgrade 5 features and functions



As of December 2012, the Sepam 60 and 80 series relays received significant updates. This is summarized below
Sepam Upgrade 5-Commercial launch

New Sepam Features:
1. USB port on mimic front face for all the Sepam range
2. IEC61850 Edition 2 and FTP access (www.tissues.iec61850.com, for more details)
3. Data Log on all applications(limited to 20 records with 15 values each; customer specified frequency)
4. Motor Start Report, Trend only on motor applications
    --> Able to store 5 (20 with extended cartridge) reports with 144 second duration
    --> Example: a 144 second duration report = sampling frequency of 1Hz
    --> Example: a 2 second duration report = sampling frequency of 72Hz
    --> Customer is able to choose which values to show in the report
5. 49RMS and 66 motor protection improvement for new motor
    --> Possible to more closely monitor the thermal evolution of a motor or transformer for better protection.
6. 78PS improvement (Loss of synchronization, Generator only)
7. Frequency protection low and high improvements- accuracy of 0.01Hz
8. Distributed Generation - Grid Code - LOW_VOLTAGE ride through (LVRT)
9. Extended Memory Cartridge = 2x the memory capacity (on Sepam 80 only)
    --> Part number = (MMR120, reference 59701)



Legacy KB System (APS) Data: RESL211135 V1.0, Originally authored by DaFr on 04/05/2013, Last Edited by DaFr on 04/05/2013
Related ranges: Sepam series 80, Sepam series 60