Vista integration of the Sepam 80 series relay



The screen shots below highlight some of the capabilities of ION/SPM with the Sepam 80 series relay. This is valid for:
ION 6.0
SPM 7.0
SPM 7.0.1

The visible icon for the Sepam 80 within Vista Diagrams:

After selecting the Sepam icon, the Volts/Amps tab will be displayed

The next tab is the Protection tab.

When Fault Recording is selected on the Protection tab, the following screen will be displayed:

From the Fault Recording screen, the user can select the Disturbance Waveform button and view the list of captured waveforms within the Sepam relay.

After selecting a waveform, the captured data is shown on the Plot Display tab.

The Harmonic Analysis and Phasor Diagram tabs are also selectable.

Other than Volts/Amps and Protection, the user can also find beneficial information under the Energy & Demand, Inputs/Outputs, and Diagnostics tabs. The remaining three tabs are shown below: