How to order a P99x test block



How do I order a MiCom P99x test block?

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MiCom Protection Relays

Physical Test Blocks for MiCom Protection Relays

Information about the types of MiCom P991, P992, and P993 Test Blocks can be found in this pdf:

A link to the up-to-date order form (and configurator) that is available today for the MiCOM P99x:

For pricing and availability please reach out to:

The P99x test blocks contain 14 cassettes or positions that may be customize depending upon need. For current contacts you may use the numeric 8 or 9. 8 means CT with shorting bar to the next cassette below. 9 means the last CT cassette in a CT group. See the examples below and the attached guide for part numbers, and how to build one.

[ Accessories ] Test Blocks MiCOM P991, P992 & P993 .pdf[ Accessories ] Test Blocks MiCOM P991, P992 & P993 .pdf