Known issues that cause a Wrench 1 to be displayed on a SEPAM relay.



The front display is not responding and it shows a wrench one on the front display.

Product Line    
SEPAM 20, 40, 50, 80

SEPAM front display  

The cause is that the relay doesn't have the ability to operate, so it goes into fault mode.

There are currently six known reasons that will cause a wrench 1 to be displayed on the SEPAM relay:
1. CCA6xx is not connected to the relay
2. The relay is configured for an MES (I/O) module and it is not connected
3. A cable is connected to the communications port on the relay and the relay is not configured for an ACExxx module.
4. The terminal strips are not connected to the relay.
5. Major internal fault in the relay.
6. The ACExxx module cable is connected to the D port.