What are the components (system aspects) of IEC61850?



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There are a total of 10 parts to the IEC61850 protocol. They are listed below:
1. System Aspects
a. Part 1: Introduction and Overview
b. Part 2: Glossary
c. Part 3: General Requirements
d. Part 4: System and Project Management
e. Part 5: Communication requirements for functions and device models
2. Configuration
a. Part 6: Configuration Language for electrical substation IEDs
3. Data Models
a. Part 7-4: Compatible Logical Node Classes and Data Classes
b. Part 7-3: Common Data Classes
4. Abstract Communication Services
a. Part 7-2: Abstract Communication Services (ASCI)
b. Part 7-1: Principles and Models
5. Mapping to Real communication networks (SCSM)
a. Part 8-1: Mapping to MMS
b. Part 9-1: Serial Unidirectional Multidrop Point-to-point link
c. Part 9-2: Mapping on IEEE 802.3 based Process Bus
6. Testing
a. Part 10: Conformance Testing