What is a report control block?



A report control block (RCB) is what defines the way a dataset is transmitted to a Client. A RCB may be created inside any logical node. The Sepams only offer buffered RCB's. A buffered RCB is dedicated to at most one client at a time. By default, each Sepam provides 4 RCBs in the LLN0. These RCBs are pre-defined in each Sepam ICD file:
1. brcbST01 and brcb ST02 are 2 RCBs associated with the StDs Dataset for reporting status indications.
2. brdbMX01 and brcb MX02 are 2 RCBs associated with the MxDs Dataset for reporting measurements.
These default RCBs can be modified by the user and new RCBs can be added, depending on the capabilities of the IED. The capabilities of an IED regarding the configuration of RCBs are defined in the Services element by the ConfReportControl element.