What is the purpose of the key-switch on the mimic-based UMI of the Sepam Series 80?



Is there a way to lock the mimic display from being used?

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Sepam 80 Series  

The key-switch on the mimic-based UMI selects the SEPAM control mode. Three modes are available: Remote, Local or Test.
1. Remote Mode:
This mode disables all local control commands, with the exception of the CB open command. The user will not be able to use the white "I" or red "O" buttons with the assistance of the "Mimic UMI" to close a CB or block CB. In order to perform these control functions with the Sepam relay, the user must send the command from a supervisory software to the relay with a communication protocol (ModBus, DNP3, IEC103 or IEC61850).

2. Local Mode:
This mode enables local control commands but disables remote control commands. The user is allowed to open and close the CB with the white "I" or red "O" buttons (Mimic diagram is required), but the user will not be able to send control commands from a supervisory software. The user will still be able to remotely set parameter settings & protection settings and read real-time data and events, but opening and closing the CB must be done locally.

3. Test Mode:
This mode is similar to the local mode. All functions enabled in local mode are available in Test mode, with the exception of remote indications. These indicators are ignored and not sent via the communication link to the supervisory software or SFT2841. The indications include: protection status, control status, Sepam status, Alarm status, etc....