Can the MCS025 be used as a stand-alone Synchro-Check module without the assistance of the Sepam Series 80?



Is it possible if one can just use the MCS025 on its own with another relay?

Product Line       
Sepam 80 Series

The MCS025 Synchro-Check cannot be used as a stand-alone product. There are several reasons why it requires the assistance of a Sepam Series 80:
1. The Synchro-check module requires settings that can only be inserted using SFT2841 and a Series 80 relay. These settings include anticipation times, voltage, frequency & phase difference thresholds, and VT sensor configurations. In order to apply these settings the Synchro-check module, SFT2841 needs to communicate to the relay and the Synchro-check module must be connected to the relay via a CCA77X cable.

2. The Synchro-check module also requires a continuos connection to the Sepam relay in order for it to function properly. The MCS025 needs to be connected to the Sepam at startup to download its configuration.Also, during operation if the relay is disconnected from the module the MCS025 shows a red flashing light indicating that it has lost connection to the base unit. During a few minutes the MCS025 keeps working fine. However, after an internal counter times out, the red led changes to "always on" status indicating a major fault and the MSA025 stops working. Therefore, the MCS025 must be connected to the relay at all times in order for it to function properly.