How can a logical input be configured and used in the "Logic Equation Editor" of a Sepam Series 40, 60 or 80 relay?



When using the logical equation editor how can add logical inputs to my logic?

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Sepam 40 Series
Sepam 60 Series
Sepam 80 Series

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Before an input can be setup to work in the "Logic Equation Editor", it needs to be activated in the Sepam hardware settings. These settings can either be accessed via the Advanced UMI of the relay or with SFT2841 (Sepam Commissioning Software). Several steps are required in order to activate a logical input in a Sepam relay:
1. Verify that a MES114 I/O module (MES120 if using a Series 80 relay) is inserted in the back of the relay.

2. Using the Advanced UMI or SFT2841, enable the MES114/120 module in the General Settings of the Sepam relay and select "apply". If needed, insert the Sepam operator password.

3. Although the I/O module is now enabled, the specific inputs/outputs still need to be configured. Using the Advanced UMI or SFT2841, access the program logic page of the Sepam Relay and set the desired input to "Customized Use". Note, set the input to "Other Use" when using a Sepam Series 60 or 80 relay.
By setting the input to "Customized Use", the input is not only enabled but also solely dedicated for the Logic Equation Editor. This prevents the status of the input from affecting any pre-configured control logic of the relay.

Sepam Series 40 60 80

Now that the logical input is activated, it can be used in the Logic Equation Editor. In order to setup a condition that includes the status of a logical input, open the "Editing assistance" in the Logic Equation Editor. Under "Inputs", select and double-click the desired input. It is now included in the programming logic and can be used with different protection or variables to trigger an output, message or LED.