How to configure Customized Trip Curve on Sepam 80



Is there a way to create ones own tripping curves for Sepam 80?

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Sepam 80 Series

To create and implement a customized tripping curve for a particular protection function, SFT2841 software is required. The protection functions capable of adopting customized curves include: ANSI 50/51, ANSI 50/51N, ANSI 67, ANSI 67N & ANSI 50/51V. Only one customized tripping curve can be made in SFT2841. To create a customized tripping curve, open SFT2841(online or offline) and in the title bar click on:
Application -> Customized Tripping Curve

The "insert" key located on the top-left corner of the window allows the user to insert more points into the plot. A maximum of 30 points can be used to configure the customized curve. A spreadsheet on the left side lists all of the coordinates in the plot based on "I/Is" and "T(s)". These coordinates can be modified by inserting data into the spreadsheet or by selecting a point on the plot and then dragging it to its desired spot.

After the curve is created, the user can save it by simply clicking on "apply". The user must then close the "Customized Tripping Curve" window and access the settings of the protection function. Under "Tripping Curve", "Customized" must be selected. This will associate the new curve to that protection function. After the new curve is selected, the user must click on "apply" in order to save the changes.

Note: That the Sepam Relay series 80 is the only one that can have customized tripping curve.