Why Different Alarm Messages Shown on SFT2841 are Offline and Online Mode



For SEPAM 40, when opening the Events under Matrix page, it allows user to select what is the alarm message displayed on SFT2841 and front panel. There are two types of alarm message defined message on SEPAM which cannot be changed by user and customized message which can be added or deleted from SEPAM by user. By default there are 50 defined messages for selection.
Under remote mode, it is not allowed to change the message or add/remove alarm message from SEPAM. A popup message will show up to alert the user. To change the alarm message, you shall connect SEPAM via front panel connection instead of network mode.

SFT2841 - Sepam series 40
You cannot update the messages users in remote mode.

Under Online Mode

SFT2841 will load the language directly from SEPAM instead of loading the image locally. The language on SEPAM can be changed to customized message via front panel connection. Actually, before delivering SEPAM, two pre-defined languages are loaded which depends on which language is required on the order.

Under Offline Mode

SFT2841 will load the alarm message locally. Because there is no default alarm message stored locally, SFT2841 shows the code1, 2,.... under offline mode which is the numbering of alarm message. But it is possible to show the customized message under offline mode. The customized alarm message is loaded from SEPAM during uploading the configuration setting of SEPAM.
Please refer to another KB article [RESL200514 - SFT2841 (offline) is configured for ENGLISH (US), but the US messages in the matrix are displayed in French. How can the user fix this for the Sepam Series 80 relay? (ANSI) ] for the information of the difference on Alarm Message for SEPAM 80.



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