What is the difference on SEPAM Series between "Confirm thermal protection" and "Block thermal protection" when sending TC commands via Modbus to the SEPAM relay?



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SEPAM Series


The SEPAM relay possesses a list of commands that can be sent via comms to the relay. These commands, when sent correctly from a supervisory system, will order the relay to perform a certain task such as "trip", "SEPAM Reset" and "Enable recloser". The SEPAM Series 40, for example, is capable of receiving these commands:

Some of these commands, such as "Confirm thermal protection" and "Block thermal protection", might seem a little confusing, especially for someone who has never worked with a SEPAM relay before. By sending a "Confirm thermal protection" command, the user is actually turning the 49RMS protection ON, whereas a "Block thermal protection" command turns the 49RMS protection OFF.

The same logic goes for disturbance recording. A "Confirm disturbance recording triggering" turns fault recording ON, whereas a "Block disturbance recording triggering" turns fault recording OFF.