Why is the label for the SEPAM Series 80 printing vertically and not horizontally?



The print label for the Sepam 80 is printing vertically not horizontally.

Product Line          
Sepam 80 Series

The Sepam Series 80 with an Integrated UMI has a label running horizontally from left side to right side, but the Sepam Series 80 with Mimic-based UMI has a label running vertically from top to bottom. Therefore, the direction of the label depends on whether Advanced UMI or Mimic-based UMI is selected in SFT2841. If SFT2841 is printing the label vertically, then SFT2841 is configured to use a "Mimic-based UMI" model. In order to modify this setting so that the label prints horizontally, access SFT2841 "offline" or "online". Under the "Sepam hardware" tab, select "Integrated UMI" for the device model.

Once applied, click on Sepam -> Print label. This will print the label vertically.