Is it possible to use both the Logic Equation Editor and Logipam in SFT2841 for a SEPAM Series 80 relay?



Would like to use equation editor but cannot perform everything that is needed.  Can Logipam be used to work with it was well?

Product Line      
Sepam 80 Series

SFT2841 that is communicating to a SEPAM Series 80 with the SFT080 Logipam option has the capability of using either the Logic Equation Editor or Logipam, but not at the same time. Enabling Logipam will disable the Logic Equation Editor and vise-versa. In order to enable the Logipam option, the user must:
1. Launch SFT2841. Logipam is not available without SFT2841.
2. Click on the Logipam icon.
3. Click on "select" and choose the desired Logipam program.
4. Set the activity to "On" and click on "apply".

The user will notice that the Logic Equation Editor is now greyed out and cannot be accessed. Note: the Equation Editor logic will not be erased upon enabling Logipam. This logic is stored, but can only accessed by disabling Logipam. In order to disable the Logipam option, the user must:
1. Click on the Logipam icon.
2. Click on "delete". This will delete the program from the relay but not from the PC.
3. Click on "apply"

The Logic Equation Editor icon will return and the user will be able to access and make modifications to the logic. Once the Logipam option is disabled, the Logic Equation Editor will automatically be enabled.