Is SFT2841 compatible with Windows 2003 server?



SFT2841 is not compatible with Windows 2003 server. The OS does allows the installation of the software and viewing of configuration settings, but when communicating to a SEPAM relay via "Face to Face" or "Network" connections, the Schneider MODBUS serial driver does not activate. This prevents the PC from being able to communicate to the relay. If the PC cannot communicate to the relay, then SFT2841 will not be able to upload/download files, change configuration settings in the relay and display metering values/ WFCs. SFT2841's only functionality in Windows 2003 Server is viewing already existing configuration files. This applies to SEPAM Series 20, 40 and 80 relays.
Operating systems that are compatible with SFT2841 include Windows 2000 Server, Windows NT, Windows XP and Vista.