Replacing an ECM-RM with an EGX100 - Wiring Considerations - How IN+, IN-, OUT+, OUT- Correspond with TX+, TX-, RX+, RX-



The user has a daisy chain that was previously wired to an ECM-RM (Ethernet Communications Module), but that now needs to be wired to the EGX100 (Ethernet Gateway). The following is a reference of how the labels on the ECM-RM communications connection correspond to the labels on the EGX100 connector.

Also, the user should make sure that the dipswitches are set correctly for 4-wire communications as per the above diagram (first four up, last two down). Following this, the user should access the EGX100 webpage and configure the serial port and device list appropriately.

Legacy KB System (APS) Data: RESL198218 V1.0, Originally authored by AnVa on 04/02/2009, Last Edited by AnVa on 04/02/2009
Related ranges: Modbus / JBus, EGX100, ECM (ECMRM / ECM2000)