Can Remote Control be enabled from the advanced UMI of the Sepam Series 20, 40, 60 and 80 Relay?



Need to be able to change setting remotely.  Can it be done on the front face?

Product Line            
Sepam 20 Series
Sepam 40 Series
Sepam 60 Series
Sepam 80 Series

For the Sepam Series 20 and 40 relay, "remote control" can be activated by navigating through the front face of the Sepam relay.
Go to general settings -> Modules -> Modbus. Scroll down until the remote control screen appears.

Note: "SBO" means Select Before Operate

For the Sepam Series 60 and 80 relay, "remote control" cannot be activated by navigating through the front face.
In order to activate this setting, connect to the relay using the SFT2841 Software kit with the CCA783 cord.
"Remote Settings" is located under the "General Characteristics" tab of SFT2841.