How do I get the serial number and firmware version for my Sepam 20?



User needs the serial number and/or firmware version of a Sepam 20 relay

Product Line
Sepam 20


1. Product Identification

The identification stickers are located on the right-hand side of the product when you facing the front display

*Warning: All equipment connected to the Sepam (like MES, ACE, etc…) have their own stickers with serial number. Please ensure that you are reading the sticker on the Sepam unit.*

2. Firmware Version

a) Using the Front Panel
In order to know the firmware version of the Sepam 20 press the button  until the “About Sepam” menu appears. The firmware version number is “Sepam Vxxxx”. In the picture below, the firmware version is 0938.


b) Using SFT2841 Software

The firmware version number is visible through the SFT2841 while connected to the Sepam. Go in the menu “General settings” > ”Sepam Diagnosis”. In the picture below, the firmware version is 0736.

The attached document details how to obtain the firmware version from the physical label on the device, the front panel of the device and by using Sepam software in both English and French,