My kWd value is correct on the front panel, but incorrect via Modbus.



Most likely what has happened is that the value being inputted to the Modbus slave module has overloaded the 16bit register. The kWd value inside the meter is a floating point value, while communications is 16 bits. The default Modbus register scaling is (x1) for Power Parameters (PPS register sets the scaling).
To eliminate the problem you may need to change the PPS scaling registers from the default (x1) value to a more appropriate value related to the system.


i.e.: by changing the value to 0.001, you will effectively be dividing the kWd value by 1000 for transmission in the Modbus register.



More Information

See Step 9 (page 18) for information on programming PPS scaling on the ION 6200 meter.





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