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This article explains the GPS:Arbiter time synchronization format. Any GPS receiver may be used as a time synchronization source as long as the receiver outputs the ASCII time string every second and has On Time Mark (OTM).


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Time Synchronization

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During normal operation of a GPS time synching system, time signals are sent out once per second as an ASCII string containing the time. The ASCII time string for GPS:ARBITER and GPS:TRUETIME/DATUM is as follows:


Response: <SOH>ddd:hh:mm:ssQ<CR><LF>


Format: <SOH> Hex 01 The start bit of the <SOH> character is transmitted on time.

Q Time quality indicator. May be represented by:

space Locked, maximum accuracy

. (ASCII 46) Error < 1 microsecond

* (ASCII 42) Error < 10 microseconds

# (ASCII 35) Error < 100 microseconds

? (ASCII 63) Error > 100 microseconds

More Information

Refer to the 'Arbiter MODEL 1092A/B/C MODEL 1093A/B/C SATELLITE-CONTROLLED CLOCK OPERATION MANUAL' (https://www.arbiter.com/ftp/manuals/1092_93_manual.pdf)


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