SEPAM series 80 with MES120 Normally Closed Input trips upon loss of supply power



Goals and Symptoms


  • Configuration : Sepam series 80 using a MES120 digital input set as tripping order and normally closed contact (negative case is ticked off )
  • Sepam trips when auxiliairy power supply interrupted.
  • After clearing trip on Sepam, the Sepam units comes to normal operating condition without changing the state of input .

Facts and Changes

Key Words and Phrases
Input state change from loss of supply power, loss of supply power triggers state change,ride-through power, delayed power loss, delayed power cycle

Causes and Fixes

This will append when digital inputs and Sepam base unit share the same power supply.
Because the Sepam unit has an enough ride-through energy reserved to allow for momentary outages of up to 100ms without power cycling, the Sepam will detect the logical input falling down to zero due to power loss before losing its own energization. This functionning is quite normal if no precautions are taken to prevent it .

Note : Sepam series 20 and 40 don't show that behaviour because they have a faster shut down.


As a precaution against this behavior, it is suggested to :

- if application makes it possible, delay the tripping of normally closed contact inputs via logical equation for 200ms

- if delay is not applicable, use another input as "presence of voltage" and combine it with logical equation.

For example :
I105 = external trip NC
I106 = presence of voltage
equations : LATCH VL1 (optional)
V1 = I105 AND I106
Link a message like "external trip" to V1

- otherwise, to avoid trip at voluntary shut down, add a warning near the auxiliairy circuit breaker.

Re-published to revised security level: 20 June 2008 by DRM

Applies To: Sepam 80


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