Why are there some communication failures between PC (SFT2841) and Sepam 1000+?



For security reasons, the communication supply (at the front plate) of Sepam 1000+ is totally isolated from the product internal power supply.
The communication supply is done by the PC serial port.

In some cases, when the serial port power supply is weak, and due to the components tolerances, a communication failure could occur.

If this kind of failure occurs again, it is advisable to use another PC.

Improvement of the communication level efficiency is available with the new Sepam base board (universal power supply from 24 to 250V).

This problem does not concern Sepam 1000+ series 40

Re-published to revised security level: 17 June 2008 by DRM

Applies To: Sepam 1000+ (Sepam Series 20)


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