Availibility of the IEC870-5-103 communication protocole in the Sepam 1000+ range?



The IEC870-5-103 protocole is not available in the Sepam 1000+ range, and will not be proposed in the future.
The reasons of that choice are :
1. The IEC870-5-103 protocol is not trully suited to the users' needs :

  • limited to communication between protection devices and the supervisory system
  • not adapted to control-command needs
  • interoperability of EQUIPMENT made by different manufactureres is not performed (exchange of private data depend on the manufacturer)
  • exchange of generic data is complicated to implement

2. Modbus protocol is a "de facto" standard, flexible and easily usable by all for all applications.

3. IEC is working on a new standard protocol, to cover all communications within electrical substations, truly suited to users' needs.
  • The standard is awaited at the end of 2001.
  • The new Sepam PRODUCTS will integrate the protocole as soon as the standard is published.

You will find more details about this topic in the attached files :
IEC870.doc : english version iec870.doc

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Applies To: Sepam 1000+ (Sepam Series 20 and Sepam Series 40)

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