How do we download the parameters file into Sepam 1000+?



Launch SFT 2841 software.
Click in the dialog box, the item "Edit a file".

In the new open dialog box, select the file that you would like to download into the Sepam (file with extension .rpg).

The file such opened, go to the tool bar and click in the Sepam menu, Connection.

The connection effective, the relay is in mode Exploitation so needs the second level code (parameter code) for authorizing the downloading of new parameters.

Factory default codes for Settings & Parameters at 0000.

Then in the same menu click on Sepam Downloading (from PC to Sepam).

The software having terminated the downloading correctly, it will inform you of that by an adapted message.

Note: the file you will download may have to be prepared in disconnected mode from the Sepam to be consequently saved in the Sepam folder of the SFT 2841 directory of the hard disk.

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