What are the advanced functions of the expert UMI SFT 2841 unreachable with advanced UMI (integrated or remote)?



Concerning the basic function, SFT 2841 (expert UMI) and advanced UMI both allow the modification of the internal parameters of Sepam with however an advantage for SFT 2841,allowing more than the advanced UMI:
- outputs configuration
- Annunciation LEDs affectation
- Edit the customised labels for annunciation

More over, SFT 2841 possesses functions not achieved by advanced UMI such as:

- Saving and printing the parameters
- Global Downloading of the parameters by separate files.
- More complete Sepam diagnosis.
- Disturbance recording uploading and display (by using SFT 2826 in addition).
- Alarms management more elaborated (history)

Time and date updating of Sepam in connected mode.

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Applies To: SFT2841

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