How to interface the Sepam 1000+ and the PTC probes ?



Since the Sepam 1000+ devices do not support PTC probes directly, it is necessary to use a converter which emits digital outputs for annunciation/tripping.

This digital data is then connected to Sepam digital inputs for tripping, via the internal logic control.

We have tested some converters from the Télémécanique trend mark and advise the following reference LT3-SA in 24-230 VAC/DC so universal power supply as Sepam 1000+, or as well in the same voltage level but with latching and test button (higher number of output contacts available) the reference LT3-SM.

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Applies To: Sepam 1000+ (Sepam Series 20 and Sepam Series 40)


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Related ranges: Sepam series 20, Sepam series 40